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Introduction to OMSOPS

OMSOPS is a unique Online Media Services Ordering & Production System created by Digi Media for convenience of our clients.

Basic OMSOPS benefits:

  1. convenience to make orders and track orders’ status yourself,
  2. availability – online access 24/7,
  3. all information is kept in one place.

With OMSOPS you can:

  • oversee all activities – orders of all your branches, activity of your managers, latest orders and payment status;
  • communicate more effective – escape tons of emails and calls before making an order or after, asking how much is done;
  • estimate project in the beginning;
  • save order drafts, and complete an order later;
  • oversee projects in details – check status, add extra services or edit information;
  • add managers with limited access to oversee projects while you are busy or out of office;
  • overview processes in calendar view, which allows planning actions more easily;
  • and many more.

Take a look at OMSOPS interface (demo view):

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