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Media Services

Digi Media offers:

  • Conversion between different audiovisual file formats
    • Blu-ray, DVD and HD creation and conversion solutions.
    • Conversion solutions for VOD (video on demand).
    • Service includes material conversion, extraction, audio (5.1) creation, subtitles and their editing to final video, MENU creation, final product (disc or ISO) delivery to the client.
  • Digital Cinema Package (DCP) creation & DCP encryption
    • The latest step in creating audiovisual content for digital cinema is preparing material for screening in movie theaters in DCP format. DCP is compatible with both SMPTE and Interop. With DCP your content will be cinema ready!
    • Service includes converting your material to DCP format, including encrypted material intended for screening in digital cinemas, KDM encryption, preparing 3D video for movie theaters.
    • We use only professional, state-of-the-art software, which enables us to achieve the highest DCP quality possible.
  • Subtitling services
    • Translation to and from more than 50 languages, text editing, (TV, 2D, 3D) subtitles, text adaptation, transcription, subtitle file creation.
    • All language specialists are experienced professionals, skilled to use certain software and approved methods for verifying content to provide complete subtitling solution (internet research and contacting museums or national libraries). Digi Media provides subtitling services in more than 50 languages for broadcast, theatrical, DVD, BD, DCP, 3D, mobile, VOD and online platforms.
  • Dubbing and voice-over services
    • One-stop, complete post-production dubbing and voice-over services from script translation and adaptation through casting, directing, recording and mixing, editing, copyrights and dubbing. Additionally simultaneous interpreting, conversion to all required file formats and publishing can be offered (DVD or BluRay creation).
    • Maintained database of voice actors for dubbing services, company regularly recruit new talent and ensure our clients have access to our proprietary database to cast talent.
    • Digi Media provides dubbing and voice-over for live-action and animated movies, broadcast series, documentaries, infomercials, and online video content, video games, e-learning software, corporate presentations, training videos, and product trailers.
  • Rendering services 

    To extract video from audio or add audio to video.

    • multiplex;
    • mux;
    • demux.
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