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Photo Services

Digi Media offers

studio photography, professional photo sessions and preparation for photoshoots.
  • Photography
    • promotional photography for integration in video and web-based projects;
    • photography for posters, catalogues, calendars, magazines;
    • corporate photography;
    • fine art photography;
    • aerial photography using drones (quadcopter):
      • Aerial photogrammetry.
  • Production
    • producing studio and promotional photoshoots;
    • producing private photoshoots from A to Z.
  • Behind-the-scenes filming

The services are provided by internationally certified photographers, specializing in various branches of photography – documentary, commercial, architectural, landscape, people and portraits, wildlife, etc.

Our photographers are members of the Latvian Photographers Federation and The Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP).

We use state-of-the-art professional equipment and cameras.

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