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Video Services

Digi Media offers:

  • Shooting and processing HD videos
    • Shooting promotional films, concerts, trainings, broadcasts, projects, exhibitions, commercials, and individual promotional projects (e.g., for actors);
    • Processing footage: editing, post-production, subtitling, adaptation (adapting clips and both video and audio commercials primary for Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian and Estonian languages, other languages upon request), 2D and 3D graphics;
    • Full package of services related to video production, starting from the idea to the final cut with complete textual, musical and graphic design:
          1 Preliminary stage

      • creating a brief with the client; 
      • outlining the concept (idea direction, based on target audience research)
      • drafting the script and the shooting plan;
      • determining the place and cast of the shoot;
      • determining the time and date of the shoot.
        2 Filming stage
      • shooting the video;
      • producing;
      • sound recording.
        3 Processing the footage
      • editing;
      • sound mixing;
      • graphic creation;
      • color correction.
      Additional tasks and stages of video production:

      • talent casting;
      • arranging crowd scenes;
      • visual & make-up of the cast;
      • directing the shoot, working with actors;
      • managing the set;
      • prop selection;
      • the use of graphics in the captions and the actual clip;
      • recording narration and voiceover;
      • recording an original sound track.
        The shooting is carried out by a professional film crew using special equipment: crane, rails, lighting, etc.


  • Video and commercial clip producton
    • Producing instructional videos, presentations, promotional clips, films and tutorials;
    • Graphic design for radio, television and the internet.

  • Videographics
    • Producing visual graphics from scratch.
  • Shooting with a drone

    (remotely controlled aerial vehicle) over ground and water, open spaces and the city

    • Live events (sports, corporate activities);
    • Wildlife – quiet engines and shooting in telephoto mode allows capturing images of nature and animals without disturbing them;
    • Commercials and promotional videos – fast camera angle alterations at heights up to 150 m above ground level. Tracking system;
    • Mass media footage – shooting at locations unaccessible to operators with weighty equipment, the opportunity to capture ongoing events without risk of physical injury (over fences, etc.);
    • Real estate photography – impress your investors or the public with aerial videos;
    • Mapping and surveying – acquiring a comprehensive aerial image of an area;
    • Emergencies – quick localization of fires, economic aerial support for law enforcement agencies, visual support for rescue operations (the option to install an online thermovision camera, equip the drone with special sensors, etc.).


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