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What is the quality of video filmed by drone?

In addition to the normal camera filming characteristics, flight conditions may apply (heavy winds or incorrect custom camera fitting). Also how dynamic video is being filmed (vibrations may occur if drone changing speed and direction fast (i.e. chase video). HD 1080 or lower.

Are drones safe?

RPAS equipped with failsafe system, which is engaged automatically if loss of signal occurs. It returns RPAS to the launch point or heading back to launch point until control is gained again. In case of drone malfunction, in normal conditions human injuries are estimated as non fatal. RPAS pilot has first aid kit.

Is it allowed to fly ower a croud of people with drone?

RPAS has rotating parts (blades) and weight up to 5kg total. In case of malfunction RPAS can make injuries to people  or animals. Flying generally is ok, but hovering is possible only, signing special disclaimer by persons who can be involved in the RPAS incident.

Do animal fair of drones?

Vertical take off and landing RPAS is one of the kinds of aircrafts, of which animals and birds are not afraid of. For example pink flamingo filming done from the RPAS.

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